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NOVA, our student loan benefits and financial services platform can handle your unique situation and benefits needs.

How NOVA Helps Employers & Employees

At Fiducius, we created NOVA to help employers and their employees achieve a simple goal — experience “A Better Kind of Benefit”. Through our technology, employees can find peace of mind knowing that NOVA empowers the right customized benefit solution plan, thoughtfully integrated in a manner that is easy to understand and use. Employers can benefit, by efficiently reaching their employees with NOVA’s high-tech approach. By putting NOVA to work for you, employees are better aware of their personalized options, resulting in greater utilization and return on investment of your benefits offerings.

You work hard. Shouldn’t your benefits technology platform work hard too?

Capabilities of NOVA:


At Fiducius we understand the importance of security and your concerns surrounding it. That’s why we built NOVA with the foundational idea that security comes first. You can trust Fiducius to ensure that both your business and employee data will remain secure and protected.


Fiducius has set up NOVA to allow integrations with all major benefits administration and payroll systems. Create a seamless experience for both your benefits managers and employees with the power of NOVA.


Fiducius can evaluate your unique benefits plans and configure a tailored approach that is the best fit to your given situation. With NOVA, Fiducius can simplify even the most complex benefit setups, including your plans and eligibility requirements.


Fiducius offers an easy implementation process to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. We understand the importance of your invetment in a benefits partner, both from a time and resource standpoint. That’s why NOVA was created to help maximize utilization and grow as you do.

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