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We Are Fiducius

Since 2011, Fiducius has pioneered student loan benefits to address these problems. All based on our proprietary student loan financial planning approach that combines expert Advisors with advanced technology. You might ask, why Fiducius? It embodies our commitment to creating financial value for employers and their employees in all we do. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Get to know Fiducius and experience our financial expertise, comprehensive benefits, and effective implementation strategy!

We Have experience

Our leadership team has over 85 years of combined experience and expertise in financial services, benefit administration, and business solutions.  

We’ve lived through the ups and downs, financial crises, and several rounds of student loan policies.  We believe there’s no time better than the present to take advantage of the student loan benefit programs that are available.

We customize

Each individual has their own plan.  There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all.  That’s why we’re unique and we pass that value down to you so that you’ll have the best foot forward.

We build relationships

Our goal is to build a relationship with you and not just answer the phone / email.  Your student loan debt matters to us and we want to celebrate with you when it’s all gone! 

We follow up

From health pandemics to government shakeups, we are here for you.  We stay up-to-date on the latest information that may change the status of your repayment / forgiveness.  Then we let you know what’s going on.

We're here for you

If there’s ever a time that you have a question or need to review some information, we are a phone call or email away.  Please feel free to reach out to us and allow us to help you.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

taking out a loan means someone needed to fund their dream

We believe that we’re in the dream making business.  We may not be on the front end of helping people realize their dreams, but we are on the backend helping individuals to understand how to better live their dream.

Meet this month's spotlighted team members

Featured Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Kellie Strauchen

Senior Advisor
As a Senior Advisor she educates, collects information and presents a strategy plan to prospective clients to maximize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program so the client can achieve their personal and professional goals. As a hobby, she is a very determined DIYer and enjoys spending time with both large and small home improvement projects, and also spends time training or playing with her two fur children, Bailey who is 4 and Brinkley who is 12 months.

Michelle Cash

Senior Billing Specialist
As the Senior Billing Specialist, she coordinates with the clients and accounting department to ensure invoicing and payments are accurate and agreed on by all parties. Michelle once visited the Berlin Olympics stadium where Jesse Owens, an American track and field athlete, won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games.