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Surveys indicate 66%+ of working adults see wellbeing as a have-to-have consideration when deciding on a prospective employment opportunity. The majority of these employees say the area of ‘wellbeing’ they struggle with most is their financial health. 

What to do?

Student loan pain is real, but how does the employer solve it? ​

Is there time?

My team members are busy, can I realistically help them in a timely manner? ​

What does this cost?

Can I even afford to provide solutions in my benefit plan? ​

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No More Avoiding My Loan Payment

I was doing everything I could to avoid my loan payment. The amount was way too high and I couldn’t afford it on my budget. I am so glad I got educated with the Loan Relief benefit and could make a well-informed decision. Now I can pay off my student loans much more quickly than I ever thought I would.

Rose F.

State Aid Planning Assistant Specialist, NY
Oct 7, 2020

Getting Relief Was Easy

Working with Fiducius has been great and very easy. They have excellent client support and communication. When I learned about my new lower payments, I sighed in relief because my payment was affordable. I continue to share this with others so they can benefit too.

Theison A.

Teacher, NE
Oct 6, 2020

A Victory for My Financial Future

Before working with Fiducius, it was very difficult to envision paying off my student loans. With their help, now I don’t have to question how I’m going to make my student loan payment each month. It’s been a huge blessing and a victory for my family’s financial future. The burden of student loan debt …

Jon A.

Band Director/Music Teacher, OH
Oct 6, 2020

I Can Breathe Again and Not Worry

The amount of student debt I had was crippling. It left me with major anxiety and uncertainty for my future. I believe my prayers have been answered and I can start saving for my retirement and children’s education. Since working with Fiducius, I feel like I can finally breathe!

Angela H.

Teacher, MI
Oct 7, 2020

Moving On Up with Better Finances

By working with Fiducius, I have gone from living in a 3-room rental to owning a 4-bedroom house. Freeing up my finances from student loans has been extremely helpful with providing for my family. The lower payment also allowed me to obtain a newer vehicle for my growing family.

Jordan P.

Teacher, OH
Oct 6, 2020

Back to School with Less Financial Stress

Since working with Fiducius, my spouse and I are less stressed because my student loan payment was reduced significantly. The payment reduction allowed us to pay off other loans sooner and for me to continue my education. I would encourage you to have your Advisor at Fiducius explain your loan options and real…

Robyn F.

Teacher, OH
Oct 7, 2020

The End is Now in Sight

All employees with student loans should consider working with Fiducius. I was told how long it would take, they set clear expectations and I was very pleased throughout the entire process. I didn’t think I would ever pay off my student loans, but now I know there is an end in sight. It is truly a blessing.…

Shelley B.

Coding Analyst, MN
Oct 6, 2020

No More Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Before Fiducius, I was drowning in school loan debt, paying over $900 a month which didn’t even cover the interest. Every month I got threatening calls for more money, which didn’t exist. I lived paycheck-to-paycheck, juggling bills hoping I could keep the water and electric on. With Fiducius, all that str…

Christina B.

Patient Access, IN
Oct 7, 2020

The Financial Hardship is Over

My life has changed so much because I am no longer suffering from financial hardship due to my student loan payments. When I learned of my payment amount, I celebrated the good news with my husband, and we put the savings towards remodeling our home!

Eden A.

Clinical Nurse Manager, KY
Oct 6, 2020

Put My Trust in Fiducius

The Loan Relief benefit took away the heavy weight of paying back my student loans. For anyone considering learning about their loan options with Fiducius, I recommend doing your research. My husband and I spent a lot of time researching this program and speaking with team members from Fiducius to fully unders…

Jessica B.

Teacher, WI
Oct 7, 2020

An End to Outrageous Monthly Payments

Since I enrolled in the Loan Relief benefit, I’ve been able to pay a reasonable payment on my student loans. Before, my payments were outrageous, and I felt I was getting nowhere! With my lower payments, I feel that I can breathe and not worry! It’s so easy working with the people of Fiducius and they are …

Andrea D.

Teacher, PA
Oct 7, 2020

Now I Can Give More to My Students

Fiducius not only helped me save money every month on my loan payment, but their advice on filing our taxes helped us save money there too! I’m less stressed knowing the end to paying off my loans is in sight, and we’re better able to plan for our future. Now, I feel like I can be more generous with my cl…

Ivy H.

Special Education Teacher, CA
Oct 7, 2020

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