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Surveys indicate 66%+ of working adults see wellbeing as a have-to-have consideration when deciding on a prospective employment opportunity. The majority of these employees say the area of ‘wellbeing’ they struggle with most is their financial health. 

What to do?

Student loan pain is real, but how does the employer solve it? ​

Is there time?

My team members are busy, can I realistically help them in a timely manner? ​

What does this cost?

Can I even afford to provide solutions in my benefit plan? ​

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Stress-Free Way to Save with No Downside

Yes, saving money is great. It’s allowed us to take a family vacation, go on date nights, put a down payment on a car and put more in our children’s 529 accounts. But what I loved the most was how easy Fiducius made the process of applying for forgiveness. Friends and I had tried doing it ourselves, but it…

Michelle D.

Health Management Coordinator, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Freedom and Relief… Changed My Life

Student loan forgiveness completely changed my life. I went from paying $1,500 per month towards my federal student loans to paying $0 per month! Freedom and relief are just a few of the feelings the Loan Relief has provided me. I now have the freedom to spend money how I choose. Do NOT hesitate to learn more …

Samantha F.

Occupational Therapist, MN
Oct 7, 2020

Not Defeated by Student Loans

I had no clue how I was going to repay my student loans, and honestly, I felt defeated. I could not find a program that would work with me, especially since they only looked at my income before taxes. The Loan Relief benefit from Fiducius has allowed me to not only repay my student loans, but to also put money…

Tia F.

Teacher, KY
Oct 7, 2020

I’m Sold on Forgiveness (PSLF)

The Loan Relief benefit changed my life in two ways. First, I don’t have to stress over whether or not I can afford my monthly payment. Second, my loans will be paid back in just ten short years! Initially, I was very unsure about doing forgiveness (PSLF), but after listening to my Advisor explain the projec…

Jennifer H.

Medical Assistant, OH
Oct 7, 2020

A Great Benefit from My Employer

I was extremely stressed because of owing so much on my student loans and worrying about making my payments. Then my employer made the Loan Relief benefit available and it changed everything for me. For anyone struggling with student loans, you won’t know how you could be helped until you inquire, and chance…

Bonnie H.

RN at Neurodevelopmental Science Center, OH
Oct 7, 2020

The Financial Hardship is Over

My life has changed so much because I am no longer suffering from financial hardship due to my student loan payments. When I learned of my payment amount, I celebrated the good news with my husband, and we put the savings towards remodeling our home!

Eden A.

Clinical Nurse Manager, KY
Oct 6, 2020

Get Peace of Mind Knowing It’s Done Right

Our HR Director distributed information about Fiducius, our new student loan benefit partner. I was excited to see if they could help, and learned I was eligible for a much lower payment and tens of thousands of dollars in forgiveness (PSLF). Honestly, if not for Fiducius, I would not have pursued forgiveness….

Josh H.

Nonprofit Manager, KY
Oct 7, 2020

Fiducius Changed My Life for Good

For years, I would make my monthly payment and cringe. Fiducius changed my life in so many ways. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and explained everything in a way I could understand. With the Loan Relief benefit, I am now more financially stable, which has been extremely helpful considerin…

Allison (Ally) B.

Outreach Coordinator / Oncology Services, OH
Oct 7, 2020

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Prior to working with Fiducius, I worked with several loan servicers and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. Fiducius gave me piece of mind and financial security, not only for myself but my family. The savings kept us from overextending our lives financially. I now see a light at the end of the tunne…

Margaret N.

Nurse, KY
Oct 7, 2020

Complete Confidence in Fiducius

My experience with Fiducius definitely exceeded my expectations. They were transparent during the process and made it easy to understand for someone who is new to handling student loans. This made me feel completely confident in their services. As a result of this, I can now focus my time on my students, who …

Elizabeth B.

Teacher, WI
Oct 7, 2020

Back to School with Less Financial Stress

Since working with Fiducius, my spouse and I are less stressed because my student loan payment was reduced significantly. The payment reduction allowed us to pay off other loans sooner and for me to continue my education. I would encourage you to have your Advisor at Fiducius explain your loan options and real…

Robyn F.

Teacher, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Getting Ahead and Building Back Credit

I work in the school system as a classified staff member as support, so I barely make minimum wage. My student loan payment was taking most of my paycheck. I could never get ahead. Student loan financial planning has freed up money to work on building some credit. You have been a life saver.

Tanya C.

Accounting Specialist, AZ
Oct 7, 2020

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