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You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We’re here to help! 


You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We're here to help! 


Student loans and options for making the situation better are confusing; we have expert technology tools AND real human advisors to help you through the process


Your job and even your family dominate your time; our technology is available 7x24 and advisors are available six days a week for your access.

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I’m Sold on Forgiveness (PSLF)

The Loan Relief benefit changed my life in two ways. First, I don’t have to stress over whether or not I can afford my monthly payment. Second, my loans will be paid back in just ten short years! Initially, I was very unsure about doing forgiveness (PSLF), but after listening to my Advisor explain the projec…

Jennifer H.

Medical Assistant, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Now I Can Give More to My Students

Fiducius not only helped me save money every month on my loan payment, but their advice on filing our taxes helped us save money there too! I’m less stressed knowing the end to paying off my loans is in sight, and we’re better able to plan for our future. Now, I feel like I can be more generous with my cl…

Ivy H.

Special Education Teacher, CA
Oct 7, 2020

Making My Monthly Payments with Joy

Thanks to Fiducius and my lower student loan payments, I was able to purchase a new home last year! My monthly loan payment was cut in half and I now pay it with joy each and every month. Going through the process and paperwork is worth it, and the Fiducius team members you interact with are extremely helpful….

Erika D.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, MN
Oct 7, 2020

No More Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Before Fiducius, I was drowning in school loan debt, paying over $900 a month which didn’t even cover the interest. Every month I got threatening calls for more money, which didn’t exist. I lived paycheck-to-paycheck, juggling bills hoping I could keep the water and electric on. With Fiducius, all that str…

Christina B.

Patient Access, IN
Oct 7, 2020

A Great Benefit from My Employer

I was extremely stressed because of owing so much on my student loans and worrying about making my payments. Then my employer made the Loan Relief benefit available and it changed everything for me. For anyone struggling with student loans, you won’t know how you could be helped until you inquire, and chance…

Bonnie H.

RN at Neurodevelopmental Science Center, OH
Oct 7, 2020

My Skepticism Turned to Relief

When I first heard about the Loan Relief benefit, I admit I was skeptical. However, the process was simple and the Fiducius staff very helpful to work with. As a result, I no longer stress about my student loan payments. I’m now more focused on my family while celebrating my $0 monthly payment!

Michele B.

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, OH
Oct 7, 2020

More Than a Promise of Help

Seeing a notice with the promise of help on my student loans from Fiducius made me curious, yet doubtful. Since the email came from HR, I thought it had to be true. My husband and I both discussed my situation with the Fiducius Advisor. Considering Fiducius managed the work and would save my family over $500 p…

Haley C.

Practice Manager, IN
Oct 7, 2020

Moving On Up with Better Finances

By working with Fiducius, I have gone from living in a 3-room rental to owning a 4-bedroom house. Freeing up my finances from student loans has been extremely helpful with providing for my family. The lower payment also allowed me to obtain a newer vehicle for my growing family.

Jordan P.

Teacher, OH
Oct 6, 2020

Financially Stable and a Better Person

Fiducius worked with me and my husband. He was already in forgiveness (PSLF), but Fiducius lowered his monthly payment more than $200. We freed up so much money we have been able to afford our dream house, pay off additional debts and look forward to a financially stable future. Because I don’t worry about m…

Kristen C.

Teacher, PA
Oct 7, 2020

A Plan to Make Ends Meet

Since partnering with Fiducius, the pressure of wondering how my family was ever going to make ends meet due to my $600 a month loan payment has all but disappeared. Fiducius helped me develop a plan that reduced my payment over 50% and cut my length of payments in half as well. Thanks Fiducius!

Nikki C.

Teacher, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Complete Confidence in Fiducius

My experience with Fiducius definitely exceeded my expectations. They were transparent during the process and made it easy to understand for someone who is new to handling student loans. This made me feel completely confident in their services. As a result of this, I can now focus my time on my students, who …

Elizabeth B.

Teacher, WI
Oct 7, 2020

Fiducius Changed My Life for Good

For years, I would make my monthly payment and cringe. Fiducius changed my life in so many ways. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and explained everything in a way I could understand. With the Loan Relief benefit, I am now more financially stable, which has been extremely helpful considerin…

Allison (Ally) B.

Outreach Coordinator / Oncology Services, OH
Oct 7, 2020