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You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We’re here to help! 


You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We're here to help! 


Student loans and options for making the situation better are confusing; we have expert technology tools AND real human advisors to help you through the process


Your job and even your family dominate your time; our technology is available 7x24 and advisors are available six days a week for your access.

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Change Your Equation on Financial Wellness

We live in a world where there is never enough time or money. Fiducius definitely changes that as it relates to your financial wellness. I was actually giddy when I learned my payment amount would be cut in half. Fiducius is a great resource and stays in contact with you. They don’t have you sign up and th…

Julie D.

Patient Family Educator, OH
Oct 7, 2020

The Financial Hardship is Over

My life has changed so much because I am no longer suffering from financial hardship due to my student loan payments. When I learned of my payment amount, I celebrated the good news with my husband, and we put the savings towards remodeling our home!

Eden A.

Clinical Nurse Manager, KY
Oct 6, 2020

A Great Benefit from My Employer

I was extremely stressed because of owing so much on my student loans and worrying about making my payments. Then my employer made the Loan Relief benefit available and it changed everything for me. For anyone struggling with student loans, you won’t know how you could be helped until you inquire, and chance…

Bonnie H.

RN at Neurodevelopmental Science Center, OH
Oct 7, 2020

More Than a Promise of Help

Seeing a notice with the promise of help on my student loans from Fiducius made me curious, yet doubtful. Since the email came from HR, I thought it had to be true. My husband and I both discussed my situation with the Fiducius Advisor. Considering Fiducius managed the work and would save my family over $500 p…

Haley C.

Practice Manager, IN
Oct 7, 2020

I’m Sold on Forgiveness (PSLF)

The Loan Relief benefit changed my life in two ways. First, I don’t have to stress over whether or not I can afford my monthly payment. Second, my loans will be paid back in just ten short years! Initially, I was very unsure about doing forgiveness (PSLF), but after listening to my Advisor explain the projec…

Jennifer H.

Medical Assistant, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Get All Your Loan Questions Answered

When I was first told my new student loan monthly payment amount, I was weary because it sounded too good to be true! Fiducius was able to answer every question I had, especially with my career and income changes. They helped me every step of the way. Once I realized that my savings with forgiveness (PSLF) wer…

Shelby O.

Community Engagement and Education Coordinator, MN
Oct 7, 2020

Joy of Living Without Student Loan Stress

It’s a phenomenal feeling. I no longer have any of the stress about student loans I had before working with Fiducius. Now I can focus on my family, my work, my life. At first, I thought this sounded too good to be true, but I was desperate, so I looked into it and thankfully, Fiducius turned out to be a gre…

Michael C.

Operations Supervisor, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Freedom and Relief… Changed My Life

Student loan forgiveness completely changed my life. I went from paying $1,500 per month towards my federal student loans to paying $0 per month! Freedom and relief are just a few of the feelings the Loan Relief has provided me. I now have the freedom to spend money how I choose. Do NOT hesitate to learn more …

Samantha F.

Occupational Therapist, MN
Oct 7, 2020

Not Defeated by Student Loans

I had no clue how I was going to repay my student loans, and honestly, I felt defeated. I could not find a program that would work with me, especially since they only looked at my income before taxes. The Loan Relief benefit from Fiducius has allowed me to not only repay my student loans, but to also put money…

Tia F.

Teacher, KY
Oct 7, 2020

Put My Trust in Fiducius

The Loan Relief benefit took away the heavy weight of paying back my student loans. For anyone considering learning about their loan options with Fiducius, I recommend doing your research. My husband and I spent a lot of time researching this program and speaking with team members from Fiducius to fully unders…

Jessica B.

Teacher, WI
Oct 7, 2020

I Can Breathe Again and Not Worry

The amount of student debt I had was crippling. It left me with major anxiety and uncertainty for my future. I believe my prayers have been answered and I can start saving for my retirement and children’s education. Since working with Fiducius, I feel like I can finally breathe!

Angela H.

Teacher, MI
Oct 7, 2020

More Money at the End of the Month

Life changed tremendously since I started working with Fiducius. The choice was easy. My student loan payments went from $648 a month to $157, with my remaining balance forgiven in 10 years. There is no doubt that Fiducius made my life easier knowing I had more money at the end of the month. I’m also able to…

Mary A.

Teacher, NE
Oct 6, 2020