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You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We’re here to help! 


You’re not alone, there are 43+ million Americans with student loans.  Most borrowers find student loans challenging, painful and hard to deal with.  We're here to help! 


Student loans and options for making the situation better are confusing; we have expert technology tools AND real human advisors to help you through the process


Your job and even your family dominate your time; our technology is available 7x24 and advisors are available six days a week for your access.

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Freedom and Relief… Changed My Life

Student loan forgiveness completely changed my life. I went from paying $1,500 per month towards my federal student loans to paying $0 per month! Freedom and relief are just a few of the feelings the Loan Relief has provided me. I now have the freedom to spend money how I choose. Do NOT hesitate to learn more …

Samantha F.

Occupational Therapist, MN
Oct 7, 2020

The Financial Hardship is Over

My life has changed so much because I am no longer suffering from financial hardship due to my student loan payments. When I learned of my payment amount, I celebrated the good news with my husband, and we put the savings towards remodeling our home!

Eden A.

Clinical Nurse Manager, KY
Oct 6, 2020

More Money at the End of the Month

Life changed tremendously since I started working with Fiducius. The choice was easy. My student loan payments went from $648 a month to $157, with my remaining balance forgiven in 10 years. There is no doubt that Fiducius made my life easier knowing I had more money at the end of the month. I’m also able to…

Mary A.

Teacher, NE
Oct 6, 2020

No More Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Before Fiducius, I was drowning in school loan debt, paying over $900 a month which didn’t even cover the interest. Every month I got threatening calls for more money, which didn’t exist. I lived paycheck-to-paycheck, juggling bills hoping I could keep the water and electric on. With Fiducius, all that str…

Christina B.

Patient Access, IN
Oct 7, 2020

Made My Master’s Degree Possible

My student loan debt was overwhelming. If not for this benefit, I would not have gone back to school. My team at Fiducius was always so polite and informational. They told me everything I needed to know. It took a lot of stress out of my life.

Noelle A.

Teacher, OH
Oct 6, 2020

Fiducius Changed My Life for Good

For years, I would make my monthly payment and cringe. Fiducius changed my life in so many ways. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and explained everything in a way I could understand. With the Loan Relief benefit, I am now more financially stable, which has been extremely helpful considerin…

Allison (Ally) B.

Outreach Coordinator / Oncology Services, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Joy of Living Without Student Loan Stress

It’s a phenomenal feeling. I no longer have any of the stress about student loans I had before working with Fiducius. Now I can focus on my family, my work, my life. At first, I thought this sounded too good to be true, but I was desperate, so I looked into it and thankfully, Fiducius turned out to be a gre…

Michael C.

Operations Supervisor, OH
Oct 7, 2020

More Freedom in Our Budget

My life has changed as now I have more freedom in our budget. We have been able to put more in savings and start doing some more home improvements. We have a few trips planned and remodeled our living room! All due to the Loan Relief benefit from Fiducius.

Michelle E.

Teacher, KS
Oct 7, 2020

My Trust in Fiducius Paid Off

I was skeptical about the benefit at first, but my employer knows we’re struggling and made it clear they want to help. My trust in Fiducius paid off. I’m now able to live much more comfortably and worry less about paying bills. The weight of trying to figure everything out on my own is gone off. My plan …

Abbie H.

Registered Nurse, OH
Oct 7, 2020

Yes, Forgiveness Works in Private Education

After finishing grad school, I didn’t know how I would make my loan payments. With the Loan Relief benefit, I’m now on an income-based payment (PSLF) that’s within my budget. It is unfortunate people working in private education don’t realize they are eligible for federal forgiveness. We’ve sacrific…

Sarah G.

Teacher, OH
Oct 7, 2020

I Can Breathe Again and Not Worry

The amount of student debt I had was crippling. It left me with major anxiety and uncertainty for my future. I believe my prayers have been answered and I can start saving for my retirement and children’s education. Since working with Fiducius, I feel like I can finally breathe!

Angela H.

Teacher, MI
Oct 7, 2020

Financially Stable and a Better Person

Fiducius worked with me and my husband. He was already in forgiveness (PSLF), but Fiducius lowered his monthly payment more than $200. We freed up so much money we have been able to afford our dream house, pay off additional debts and look forward to a financially stable future. Because I don’t worry about m…

Kristen C.

Teacher, PA
Oct 7, 2020