Since 2011, Fiducius has worked with borrowers, employers, and benefits professionals to reduce and eliminate student loan pain. Our knowledge and suite of benefits are comprehensive and bring real results to address these problems. All based on our proprietary student loan financial planning approach that combines expert Advisors with advanced technology. You might ask, why Fiducius? It embodies our commitment to creating financial value for employers and their employees in all we do. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Get to know Fiducius and experience our financial expertise, comprehensive benefits, and effective implementation strategy!​

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As an employer, you’re always seeking to acquire the best talent and then protect the investment in your people.

At Fiducius, we understand how important recruiting and retention are to your HR goals. By significantly improving your employee’s student loan financial wellness, we help you hire and keep happy, motivated employees. We offer the most complete set of student loan benefits, both voluntary and employer sponsored, to cover more of your people. Our years of experience with benefits administration mean we’re easy to work with, whether it’s customizing your program or maximizing participation with worksite enrollment.

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As an employee with student loans, whether your own or for your children, you need help but don’t know where or how to get started.

Fiducius is not a bank or lender. That means we can focus on making sure you get the solution that is best for your personal situation. Student loan financial planning with Fiducius is a high touch, high tech approach. Yes, you’ll actually work with a real student loan Advisor who has years of experience helping people just like you. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, from education to handling all the hard paperwork. Fiducius makes it possible for you to take control of your student loan burden.

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As a broker, you’re always on the lookout for innovation solutions to complement an employer’s core benefits and compensation offering.

Enter student loan benefits from Fiducius. Our complete range of benefits covers more of the employee population than other providers. And our unique financial planning approach frees up significant income that each employee can invest in other benefits, including insurance, retirement plans and FSAs. We call it the “student loan multiplier effect.” Our student loan benefits support employee needs and align with key employer objectives of recruiting, retention and productivity.

Help employers take advantage of the student loan multiplier effect