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Student Loan Financial Planning

Borrowers have unique needs. Employers require solutions that work with their overall benefits approach.  Only Fiducius offers student loan financial planning and the most complete set of benefits, with the experience to support implementation and maximize participation.  

Student Loan Financial Planning Process







Our process naturally promotes increased utilization of your benefits


Education &

1. Financial management tools through Best Money Moves

2. College and career advancement support through MyKlovr





Student Loan Assistance

Education Assistance

Integrated Benefits











For Brokers

Added benefits to your employers

Continue to add value for the employers that you work with by bringing them one of the most innovative approaches to student loan debt.  The benefit is easily explained and is a no-brainer for employers looking to recruit and retain employees.

For Employers

retention and coaching for your employees

Fiducius takes care of developing a custom plan for each employee and ongoing coaching for their student loan relief needs.  As an employer, it’s a built in benefit and retention strategy.  Any cost can either be absorbed by you, the employer… or passed on to the employee.  

For Employees

save money and get a custom plan

It’s amazing just how much money eligible employees are able to save when they reach out to us.  We develop a custom plan to serve your needs and situation.  We then manage that plan alongside you until the debt is paid off!


optimized benefits

We have great products

Loan Relief

Forgive lowers payments and provides forgiveness through Federal programs, including Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Why It Matters…

Taking control of student loan debt starts with identifying the optimal loan restructuring solution for a borrower’s situation

ReFi lowers rates and improves payment schedule through private refinance

Why It Matters… 

It is much more than getting a better rate or simply refinancing

SimpliFi consolidates loans and lowers payments; can help those with credit issues

Why It Matters…

Employees receive personalized education and decide on the option that’s right for them

Financial planning services offered in partnership with Consolidated Financial Corporation

Why It Matters…

Comprehensive financial and retirement planning to further reduce student loan payments and maximize retirement savings

Exercises and tools to assist with budget planning, goal setting and financial objectives

Other Products

Loan Contribution with goal planning, payroll deduction and management dashboards

Why It Matters…

Effective means to directly reduce student loan burden.

Only Fiducius empowers employees to choose to improve cash flow or pay off their principal faster

Combined with Loan Relief benefit, student loans can “disappear” through payroll deduction

ID Theft Protection through Cyber Scout, the largest provider in the world

Entry level coverage provided automatically to all Fiducius clients (can be waived)

Additional coverage levels available

Why It Matters… 

Once identity theft happens, it can cost thousands of dollars and take hundreds of hours to recover your name


Student Loan Disability Insurance is designed to cover loans in the event of a disabling event

Why It Matters…

Features include low premiums, tax free options, flexible disbursement and ability to protect spouse’s loans

Federal loans are automatically discharged in the case permanent disability; taxes could exceed $25,000 with $80,000 in student loans

Traditional insurance does not cover student loans

1 in 4 employees will face a disabling injury

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